Early physiotherapy instead of injection

New back pain study proves treatment success

Almost 70 percent of Germans occasionally suffer from back pain. In many cases, analgesics are prescribed and exercise is recommended first. If this does not help, physiotherapeutic measures are also used. According to a recent back pain study from the US, however, physiotherapy should be done within two weeks: were examined over 2,000 patients who visited the family doctor with back pain and received physiotherapy. The result: Those who started physiotherapy within 14 days of the initial consultation had to return to the doctor less often (74%) and needed fewer injections (58%) or major surgery (55%). The benefit of early physiotherapy was thus high for the patients. In addition, the treatment costs dropped considerably. "Even in Germany an early start of therapy or the opportunity to go directly to a physiotherapist makes sense," says Ute Repschläger, chairwoman of the Federal Association of Independent Physiotherapists - IFK e. V.

According to the study, especially the physiotherapy in the first 14 days is crucial. Above all, therapeutic approaches are important in which pain management strategies (coping), anxiety reduction and the confidence to move the body and especially the spine, are in the foreground. Targeted, active exercise is often the most effective way to relieve or prevent back pain. Here are some important tips from the physiotherapist:

To keep moving

Just no longer bed rest with back pain. Moving in a painless area reduces pain. So first move the body parts that are not affected. This leads to better blood circulation and thus to the removal of harmful substances; Pain-inhibiting substances are produced and the perception of pain attenuated. If you have not been active for a long time, you can first seek professional guidance. With the therapist, you will learn to take daily activities back in a gentle manner.

Prevent posture

To relieve the pain, sufferers usually take a restraint. As a result, certain muscle groups are over-stressed and tense, which aggravates the pain. Move as normal as possible.

Right back training

During back training, the physiotherapist makes sure that the affected spinal joints are carefully mobilized and shortened muscles are stretched. The core muscles are strengthened to support the spine like a protective corset. You can also create a program with individual exercises for the home. In the preventive back training physiotherapists also exercise movements and postures in everyday life, eg. B. dynamic sitting at the PC workstation.

Reduce stress

Mental stress leads to tension and affects the muscles on the spine. Back pain is therefore always an important warning sign of too much stress. Physiotherapists offer e.g. Yoga or progressive muscle relaxation to reduce stress symptoms.